Stur: Launching a new brand

Launching a new brand: Giving the water enhancer industry a fruity boost

  • Integrated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy
  • Launch of a new e-commerce website in multiple languages and Amazon Marketplace
  • Set up a series of automated emails based on customer buying cycle as well as regular newsletters

From concept to launch


Stur Drinks was established in the US several years ago and has taken off with great results, and when they approached us to help launch their water enhancer product in Europe we jumped at the challenge.

In the initial stages we worked with the Stur team to understand the key demographics, objectives and product right from conception so we had a good understanding of what Stur wanted to achieve and who they wanted to target.

Getting up and running


The project involved creating a brand new website that would work in the UK and across Europe and integrate the e-commerce platform seamlessly. As well as the new website we also needed to create and define the PPC and SEO strategy. We also developed an automated email marketing plan based on the customer buying cycle, which included customer review emails.

Providing seamless integration


By getting involved from the start we were able to build the website and ensure that the SEO elements were added to the site right from the beginning, which also helped to inform the keywords we are targeting for PPC

We created a fully responsive email template for newsletters, and built a set of automated emails to encourage those that have signed up to try a sample or purchase a product, and for those who had bought to leave a review.

Alongside this we also started the Social Media pages, and launched the product on Amazon.

Initial results are good, feedback from customers has been amazing and we are looking forward to growing the brand.

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