Trekwear Flash Friday Email Campaign Achieves ROI Over 1500%

Introducing Trekwear

Trekwear, a sporting equipment and clothing company based in Salisbury, stocks high-quality brands from Oakley to Salomon for the entire family for a variety of activities including cross-country hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, cycling, and camping; and at affordable prices too!  Their core values are simple; provide quality outdoor clothing at the best possible price while delivering impeccable customer service for an overall positive shopping experience. 

The Results

  • Sold over 1400 pieces of stock in three months
  • Increased Overall Email Revenue by 10% from 2014
  • Email paid for itself several times over

The Challenge – Turn High Stock into High Revenue

Trekwear warehouses were beginning to look like the overstuffed drawers and closets of teenage girls and they needed to implement a strategy to move out the high volume of older stock and make space for new product lines in their warehouses.  

The aim was to change the high-volumes of stock into cash (sales) without devaluing the brand with discounts.  

An Email Consultancy Vision

With the experience from our consultancy team, the vision of Flash Fridays was born!  Every Friday, for 24-hours, Flash Friday would offer one product (or product range) in an email campaign to customers.  By limiting the product available for sale, prevented customers from waiting to purchase for they never knew what product would be on offer.  This also protected Trekwear’s best selling day – Sunday. 

The Outcome – Mission Completed

  • ROI over 1500%
  • 30% of email revenue came from Flash Friday emails
  • Increased AVO by 1.25%

The results speak for themselves.  With product flying out the doors the converted percentage increased by 150%, converting a total of 649 orders and all while increasing the average order value.  Flash Friday has been a successful campaign and brought in great results from its first quarter debut.

We Can Help Boost Your Revenue Too!

We believe you can grow, improve and evolve your online performance – toinfinity.  And that journey can be easy and enjoyable. 

It is this belief that has helped us achieve an average ROI of over 600% for our clients – Cass Art, Dog’s Doodahs, and Pet’s Kitchen to name a few. 

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