The Dog's Doodahs Email Case Study

New Dog, new tricks - Revenue up by an incredible 81% over 3 years

Introducing The Dog’s Doodahs

Greeting card company The Dog’s Doodahs are on a mission to create the funniest personalised cards available online. Their secret weapon is a range of unique designs you can’t get anywhere else and a cheeky, irreverent brand that customers love.

Fantastic Results

  • Revenue increased by 81% within 3 years
  • Increased mobile shopping with optimised emails
  • Spam complaints down by 76%

The Challenge – Winning Customer Loyalty

TheDog’ were the new kids on the greeting cards block just a few years ago. Despite being the challengers in a crowded market, they have expertly carved out their own niche with their hilarious cards. The combination of a strong brand and great sense of humour has won the hearts of thousands of new customers.

As with any new brand, their core challenge has been to not just win new customers but to keep them.

Cutting edge and creative email marketing techniques have played a key part in rising to this challenge, delivering fantastic results for relevance, loyalty and revenue.

New Tricks in Email Marketing

We believe email cannot be beaten as a marketing tactic to boost customer loyalty. It helps you stay top of mind, keeps customers coming back and boosts short-term sales into the bargain.

It’s also incredibly cost-effective.

However you have to stay on top of your game and adapt to changing trends if you want your email campaigns to deliver on their potential. This is exactly what the Dog’s Doodahs have done; the screen grabs below show how the email campaign has evolved over time.

Adapting to Design Trends

When you compare the emails below from July 2012 and June 2013, you can see how the basic look and feel of the first email template has been updated. The colours and patterned background give a fresh, contemporary feel. The addition of menu buttons has created a more engaging and intuitive user experience, which has helped boost conversions.

                         July 2012                               June 2013

A Targeted Content Strategy

Targeted and creative seasonal campaigns to promote Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, amongst other popular events, have been incredibly successful. If you compare the Christmas emails from November 2012 and December 2014, you can see how the targeting has evolved. In the most recent example the entire template, from the words to the images and right through to the menu items, all reflect the seasonal Christmas theme.

                      November 2012                           December 2014 

Adapting to Technology

Every email campaign is now carefully optimised for mobile browsing. In the past emails could be viewed on different devices but there was no specific mobile version. If we compare the two ‘mobile’ versions of the Christmas emails below, you can see how the fully optimised version (from December 2014) is far easier to read and interact with on a smaller, narrower screen.

The Outcome – Email Paid for Itself Many Times Over

To start with, our behind-the-scenes tinkering ensured that more emails were delivered in the first place, with spam complaints down by 76%.

Optimising the emails for mobile was particularly successful, with a significant increase in costumers shopping from their phones and tablets.

The end result was that email marketing paid for itself many times over. The Dog’s Doodahs not only hit but exceeded their forecasts; increasing revenue by an incredible 81% over 3 years.

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