Rapha: Lifting Sales 225% With Search Engine Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation expertise lifted cycling brand Rapha’s sales, with non-brand organic traffic sales up a massive 225%.


  • Organic traffic up 45%
  • Branded organic traffic up 35%
  • Non-branded traffic up 71%
  • Total sales up 57%
  • Branded sales up 47%
  • Non-branded organic sales up 225%

Increasing acquisition and sales

Rapha’s cycling clothing and accessories are known for blending style with optimum performance. Based in London, the brand has worldwide appeal – and Rapha’s team asked us to increase that global recognition further by growing their organic search engine results for generic cycling terms. This would give them a greater footprint online and increase customer acquisition and sales.

We started by ensuring the Rapha site had the elements it needed for strong SEO performance, including relevant keywords. And we applied these on-page principles across the shopping section of the site too.

Building links

By initially targeting 11 carefully researched terms for link building, we aimed to build authority within key product and category pages . As the strategy evolved, we built links into as many of the category and product pages as possible.

This approach lifted each page up the search results, producing better rankings for short keyword phrases as well as delivering more niche long-tail keyword traffic. With the number of keywords driving traffic to the Rapha site growing exponentially, traffic increased markedly.

Phenomenal 225% sales growth

In fact, the results have been exceptional. We’ve seen overall organic traffic rise by 45%. Branded organic traffic has risen 35%, but non-branded (SEO) traffic has risen by a massive 71%.

This is great news for Rapha as more traffic means more sales. Total sales have risen 57%, with branded sales rising 47%. But non-branded organic traffic (SEO) sales have risen by a phenomenal 225%.

Take just one month as an example: organic sales in February 2012 were £55,000 higher than in February 2011.

Do you want great long-term results?

Search engines drive more new visitors to websites than any other form of marketing. So as a long-term strategy, appearing high up in search engine results has the lowest cost per acquisition. We’ll help you make the most of this golden opportunity to convert visitors to customers cost-effectively.

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