An Affiliate Marketing Campaign That Generated A ROI Of Up To 2332%

  • Extending the reach of the brand 
  • Increasing engagement for both new and existing customers 
  • 13% uplift in online revenue
  • Guaranteed ROI of up to 2332%

Growing Trekwear’s Online Reach In A Cost Effective Manner

Trekwear have a comprehensive online marketing acquisition strategy. In 2014 they were looking to expand their reach further by adding another channel to the online marketing mix.  They wanted the new channel to help them increase the reach of the brand in a cost effective way and drive additional revenue for the brand. 

In our experience the next logical evolution in the strategy would be to add affiliate marketing to the mix.  With our past experience in this area, the first challenge was to overcome the client’s pre-existing ideas on affiliate marketing and its historical bad reputation. 

Overcoming Previous Bad Experiences

The first challenge was to overcome the client’s fears by updating Trekwear on the security changes that have taken place since they last were active on this channel.

We selected an affiliate network based on the best fit for the business size and brand and then went about negotiating commercials and advising on the best strategy for setting up the program.  

A Tiered Commission Structure

As a result of the recent credit crunch there has been a lot of media exposure around how affiliate sites, in particular vouchercode and Cashback sites, can help to save the average person a significant amount of money each year.  As a result we have seen an increase in the number of existing customers searching for offers before completing their purchase.  The main focus of the campaign was to attract new customers to be the brand, but at the same time it was important to engage with existing customers too. For this reason we implemented a tiered commission structure offering a higher commission on new customer orders and a lower commission on all returning customers. 

The commission was agreed, the account set up, a new vs existing customer split of 50/50 forecasted which would generate a 10% uplift in the overall revenue for the business. 

Exceeding The First Six Month Forecast

Within the first six months of the campaign going live the uplift  in revenue has exceeded target and is delivering a 13% uplift for the business. Other impressive stats for the campaign; 

  • Affiliate conversion rate is 452% higher than the site average
  • Average order value is 15% higher than site average and 7% higher than their previously best performing channel
  • Revenue was124% above the initial 6 month forecast
  • New Customer campaign achieved a 895% ROI 
  • Existing Customer campaign achieved a 2332% ROI

In addition to extending the reach of the brand, Trekwear are also using their affiliate programme to specifically target existing customers and encourage re-engagement with the brand through remarketing, abandon basket emails and exit capture technology.  This has resulted in a 60%/40% client split in favour of existing customers.

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