Renaissance Easy Claim: Customer reviews lead to an 82.35% increase in the volume of leads

What was the challenge?

In an ever-increasing competitive Google search landscape how do you generate cut through without continually having to increase your cost per click and pushing up the overall cost per response.  Google seller rated ads, introduced in 2011, provided a way to stand out from the crowd.

Client Expectations

By teaming up with a Google trusted seller rated ad service, the aim was to increase the click through rate on the existing PPC campaigns, expectations were high with Google quoting an increase of approx 17% in click through rates by using this functionality.  As a result of increased click through rate comes the additional Google benefit of increased quality score, which in turn leads to lower cost per click.  With independent reviews appearing both on Google and onsite, there was also the expectation that the trust in the brand would increase thus leading to improved conversion rate.    

Our Approach

After reviewing the panel of trusted Google partners, we selected eKomi, to team up with and provide the review service functionality.  Working in conjunction with eKomi, we devised the best approach to handle the integration and establish at what point in the customer journey the customer would be contacted and asked to leave feedback on the service received, leading to a bespoke solution being implemented. The feedback seal was then implemented on the Easy Claim website for all customers to see, thus helping increasing the trust in the brand and in return the onsite conversion rate. 

The Results

Google estimated 4-6 weeks, from the point 30 reviews had been collected with an average start rating of four or more, in order for the results to display against PPC results.  Easy Claim’s results appeared within two weeks.

The main aim was to increase click through rate and generate stand out in a crowded landscape.  While Google estimated a 17% increase in click through rate, as a result of displaying Seller Rated Ads; in reality,  the results out performed expectations with the click through rate increasing by 29.03%, In addition the following results were achieved;

  • Clicks increased by 14.29%,
  • Onsite conversion increased by 59.56%
  • 82.35% increase in the volume of leads generated
  • Cost per lead decreased by 35.35%
  • Generating a like for like saving of over £3,000 across a two week period; a saving ten times the total monthly investment cost

“The statistics speak for themselves. Having a Google seller rating on our ad has really helped us stand out in a crowded market place where first impressions really count. Increased leads, increased clicks and increased conversions; this is yet another tool that toinfinity has added to our online strategy that has really worked.” -Darren Cuthbert Project & Facilities Manager, Renaissance Easy Claim

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