Winning Hearts on Valentine’s Day – raising The Dog’s Doodahs revenue by 23%

Introducing The Dog’s Doodahs

Greeting card company The Dog’s Doodahs are on a mission to create the funniest personalised cards available online. They grow year-on-year on the back of original products, a strong brand and clever marketing.

Fantastic Results

  • Email revenue up by 23%, without any TV advertising
  • Conversions up by 22% on Valentine’s Day 2015
  • Value of every single email up by 8%

The Challenge – could we beat last Valentine’s Day?

As you might imagine, the Valentine’s Day period is one of the most important times of the year for a greeting card company.

Valentines 2014 was a particularly good year for The Dog’s Doodahs after their hilarious and slightly cheeky “Snog Juice” TV advertising campaign won the hearts of thousands of new customers.

In 2015, the company were aiming to beat last year’s fantastic results – but this time, without any TV advertising.

The challenge was; could they increase revenue for Valentine’s 2015 without TV advertising to brand awareness, increased traffic and email subscribers?

toinfinity believed a new, improved email strategy could deliver the results and so we set out to prove it.

Embracing New Email Tactics

Creative and considered email marketing can be incredibly effective for winning customers’ loyalty in the long-term and boosting sales for the here and now.

But you can’t rely on any tried and tested formulas; technology is ever-evolving and so you have to evolve with it.

In order to hit our targets for The Dog’s Doodahs Valentine’s campaign we decided to shake up the existing strategy and change tactics. The campaign featured a series of promotional emails, each featuring a different Valentine’s Day card.

This is how we helped ensure the emails converted into sales:

  • Kick off Early: We attracted early shoppers with early Valentine’s emails but were careful not to send any more emails than normal to avoid annoying customers and causing them to unsubscribe
  • Updated Code: We tweaked the underlying code of the emails to meet changing standards and to avoid them being redirected to spam folders
  • Made the Most of Mobile: We optimised every email campaign for mobile browsing, successfully increasing the ease of mobile shopping

The Outcome – customers loved the emails, we loved the results

The new email strategy proved to be a winner. Incredibly, email revenue was up an impressive 23% in 2015 despite the lack of TV advertising and the boost in traffic it had given the website the previous year.

Customers loved the creative email campaigns with conversions shooting up 22%. In fact, every single email delivered an 8% increase in sales of Valentine’s Day cards.

The end result was that email marketing paid for itself many times over. The Dog’s Doodahs exceeded targets without the need – and cost – of TV advertising.

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