Renaissance Easy Claim: Generating 183% more enquiries

  • Enquiries up 183.22%
  • Pages per visit up 7.41%
  • New customer visits up 3.05%
  • Bounce rate less than 30%
  • PPI leads up 19.34% 

Converting even more customers

Renaissance’s website was working well, but they knew it could do even better and they asked us to help. Not only would our redesign need to increase online enquiries, it would also have to integrate with the back-end systems and demonstrate that increased efficiency would pay for the initial development work.

The new website needed to have a modern look and feel and a streamlined application process to increase conversion rates. The result: more business generated from the existing marketing mix.

As part of the revised website, Renaissance also wanted to implement a content management system (CMS). This would enable them to take full ownership of the content on the website and to access and extract essential information quickly and easily.

Combining analysis and design

We started with a detailed analysis of the data available to us through Google Analytics. This highlighted the points in the application process where people were dropping out. Using this information and our user experience expertise, we redesigned the application process to make it more user-friendly and reduce the number of drop-outs.

With the front end redesigned, we set about understanding the elements of the site and data that needed to be made easily accessible through the CMS before we implemented the system.

Increasing applications and efficiency

Launched in May 2012, the streamlined site sped up the application process and increased the percentage of people who started the form and went on to complete it. In fact, after just nine months the difference was an amazing 183.22%.

Renaissance’s business is feeling the benefits of this big improvement as it saves time and money. The simplified process and the form’s compulsory fields enable the team to collect more data – reducing the hours they spend on the phone chasing up missing information. Meanwhile, the new CMS enables the team to update the web content efficiently and gives them access to a range of reports packed full of valuable data about potential customers.

Are you missing out on valuable enquiries?

If your website isn’t performing to its absolute best, potential customers could be slipping through your fingers. Fine-tuning your website to achieve the best possible user experience can have a big impact on your bottom line, as our customers discover every day.

Like what you hear? Call us now on 01793 238697 to find our how we can help your business grow.

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