The Dog's Doodahs: Revenue Increased 110% in 12 Months From Email Marketing

      By optimising the email campaigns efficiently, we were able to increase revenue through this channel significantly.    

  •       Within the first year of list growth, revenue increased 110%.
  •        Conversions increased 144% for each campaign sent after 2 years.
  •        Conversion rate increased 27% over the 2 years.

The Challenge 

The Dog’s Doodahs regularly update their database, and through optimising their newsletter sign up process on their website they managed to grow their list by 84% in 2 years.

We needed to ensure this data was being utilised efficiently, by maintaining regular contact and optimising the email campaigns based on our learnings. By doing this, the revenue generated from each campaign increased by 206% in two years.

Our Approach

  •       We identified that the majority of email opens were happening on a mobile or tablet, so we ensured that the template used would format correctly across all devices. 
  •       We introduced personalisation into their email campaigns, so that all subscribers were able to get an email addressed to them.
  •       Lapsed contacts were segmented out of the main list, in order for us to be able to target them differently.  

The Results 

  •       Within the first year of list growth, revenue increased 110%. This increased by a further 45% in the second year
  •       Overall, conversions increased 144% for each campaign sent after 2 years
  •       Conversion rate increased 27% over the 2 years

This highlights the importance of list growth and managing your data. When used right, the improvements of your email campaigns and revenue from email can be extensive.

Looking to grow your email list? We strive to make your email campaigns as effective and engaging as possible.


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