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Truffle Shuffle has been delighting their customers for the past 12 years with hilarious and unique retro apparel and gifts. As well as being a hit with their fashionable customers, they’ve amassed a loyal following of celebrities who have been spotted wearing their designs, which has helped ensure their status as one of the leading e-commerce sites for one-of-a-kind, stylish pieces. Truffle Shuffle partnered with toinfinity to help strengthen their PPC strategy and to delve deeper into the expansive data they have amassed. Having no in-house data specialist, they needed specialist support to analyse their vast quantity of data, which is where we happily stepped in.



To analyse 10 years worth of email marketing customer data (365k customers) to pull out insightful trends to support marketing and business tactics for the next few quarters.



With this amount of data over so many years, it was vital that the data was normalised so we could compare apples to apples. By cleaning the data, we were able to group information into categories that helped us narrow in on trends. The amount of data offered to us begged for analysis in many areas, but for a start, we identified a few areas that could be responded to relatively quickly to yield strong wins. We knew that presenting this type of data could be overwhelming, so with that in mind, we kept the presentation document clean and simple with bite-size points and call outs. With great care of the data, we provided a personalised report highlighting key points and recommendations for future strategies from the data.


The report was very well received, as it was clear we treated Truffle Shuffle as if it were our own company. We were able to show Truffle Shuffle that with a few changes to past strategies, they could have made a substantial increases in revenue. This exercise was purely to highlight the significance of analysing data that’s already available.By analysing the data, we were able to:

  • Highlight the power of targeting and retaining the right set of customers, whilst reaching out to those in the database that hadn’t purchased before.
  • Retain customers, as there was a greater likelihood that each customer would go on to purchase 2.5 extra orders over their lifetime.
  • There were 35,000 potential customers that were an email correspondence away from making an order.
  • Highlight the potential significance of add-on items in the checkout stage.
  • View a potential increase of an extra 11.8% in revenue over the 10-year period with an add-on-item option.
  • Advise on their email marketing strategy to ensure repeat customers and high spenders weren’t forgotten.
  • Advise on a repeat customer retention strategy which has the potential to significantly increase revenue.
  • Realise that although Germany had fewer sales, they did have a 52% greater average order value (AOV) than the UK.
  • Highlight the importance of marketing to nearby countries with high AOV. 

 This exercise proved that without analysing the data they had obtained, Truffle Shuffle may never have known that focusing on a few key areas could increase revenue so drastically. 


Knowledge is power and this data analysis gave Truffle Shuffle the knowledge to shape their future strategies in order to generate more sales with their loyal customers and celebrity fans.

"Having 12 years’ of data from 1,000,000 orders and hundreds of thousands of customers was becoming a bit of a Goliath. I’ve been looking at these figures every day over those 12 years and as I’m no data expert, I was really keen to see what a fresh, qualified and analytical pair of eyes could glean from our data. toinfinity have provided some fantastic insights into our data and given some clear areas for us to focus on making improvements to our retention and up selling strategies. We are now working on a plan for even bigger data, combining advanced Google Analytics data, e-commerce data and email marketing data in order to construct Goliath’s big brother and give us even more insight into the complete journey of a huge number of our customers". 



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