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We at toinfinity have successfully helped luxury travel companies improve their performance with our excellent consulting, email, SEO and PPC services, and now with a dedicated data analyst team, we can add this insight into the mix as well. 


Analyse booking data for one of our luxury travel clients to achieve insightful trends, and support strategic direction for the next few quarters.


With each month of booking data collected in various formats, it was vital that the data was merged and normalised so we could run analysis on comparable datasets. By cleaning the data, we were able to group information into categories that helped us narrow in on trends with regards to location, time of booking, arrival, length of stay and method of booking.
We kept the presentation document clean and simple with bite-size points and call-outs, as we knew that presenting this type of data could be overwhelming to the audience.

With great care of the results, we provided a personalised report highlighting key metrics and recommendations for future strategies from the data.


The client was impressed by the clean presentation document that gave them a quick overview from which to make decisions. A data point we presented that had the impact of challenging a long held belief at the company also impressed them.

By analysing the data, we were able to:

  • Highlight which countries had the most bookings and nights booked to help target market per group behaviours
  • See that 84% of bookings and 74% of total nights booked came from a specific region in the world; information that helps marketing
  • Highlight which month is likely to receive the highest bookings/nights stayed, to help with customer service and operational logistics
  • View peak booking months occurred once in the winter and once in summer; information that can help ensure customer service teams are properly staffed and trained for incoming bookings
  • Highlight which specific luxury accommodation was the most profitable versus most favourable, to help guide their marketing strategy
  • Understand though a particular accommodation had the most bookings, it wasn’t one of the top three revenue-generating accommodations
  • Highlight the most used method of bookings and how long on average customers book their trip in advance, to help their sales team ramp up efforts in certain seasons
  • Realise though a particular booking agent had the fourth highest bookings, they were the second highest revenue-generating agent
  • See customers booked on average just under three months in advance of their stay
  • Dig into a specific countries’ data to understand if it was profitable to keep targeting that group

This exercise proved that all companies have data that can be analysed to give them insight into what their next strategy should be; it is just a matter of sorting through to find hidden gems. Gut decisions are effective, but gut decisions backed by data are even more powerful.

Let us take a look at your data to give you information to sharpen your strategies. 

If you would like to find out more about data insight for your company, call us now on 01793 357 227 or email for a free consultation with a member of our team.

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