ashmei: Boosting revenue by 268%

Working as an extension of ashmei’s team, toinfinity ensured the sports clothing retailer enjoyed its best ever year of trading online.

Highlights within 3 months of working togetherAshmei revenue boost

  • Online revenue up 268% year on year
  • Site visitors up 175%, with new visitors up 246%
  • Returning visitors up 115%
  • Conversions up by 78%

Building on an established foundation

ashmei already had a very loyal fanbase, however in order to grow the business further and acquire new customers ashmei knew they would have to invest in an online marketing strategy.

So they asked us to come on board and help drive more traffic to the site, improve conversion rate and provide recommendations on how the website can be improved.

Even slight improvements to the critical elements of an e-commerce website can lead to a significant increase in overall performance. So we started by looking at where we could achieve gains across the five key performance indicators in our 5 Ways planning tool: site visits, conversion rate, average order value, purchases per customer and margins.

Hitting the ground running

Once we’d completed the 5 Ways modelling, we launched a new PPC campaign, provided recommendations for making the site search engine friendly, worked on a new design for the site to make it more user friendly and worked on a email campaign strategy for encouraging repeat sales.

Achieving impressive returns

Just one month into the campaign the improved conversion tracking we put in place showed click-through rates on the ads were up a massive 226%. Conversion rates had increased by 34%, with overall conversions also up 39%. And the cost per conversion had been slashed by 34%.

Earning record revenue

In the first 3 months of hiring toinfinity, visits increased by 375% year on year across just Organic and PPC channels, with a 313% increase in revenue year on year as well. 2013 has been the most successful year to date for ashmei with revenue up a staggering 73% year on year.

By applying our user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experience to auditing the ashmei site, we increased the increased on-site conversion by a massive 78% in the first 3 months.

Would you like to boost your revenue too? 

Is your online marketing achieving results like these? If your online strategy (and your revenue) is in need of a boost, ask us how our unique Four Ways Model can help your business achieve online success.Call us now on 01793 238697 to make your online marketing a lot more profitable.

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