Progress doesn’t stop. Neither do we.


Naturally we care about search positions and analytics but it’s your ongoing profit and growth that motivates us most. No good digital marketing strategy has an end point. The work of improving your performance is never done. It grows, improves and evolves.

We’ve distilled our purpose ‘to challenge’ and our ethos of continuous growth into the following Performance Lifecycle process:


How it Works

1. Define

How much growth do you want to see? What exciting revenue goals are you aiming for? Do you need to grow the business to sell it? We understand your big vision, ensure it’s realistic and then commit to helping you achieve it.  

    2.  Analyse

A vision without a plan is just a wish or a day dream, so we set key benchmarks early on to make it reality. We take a deep dive into your data to audit your performance and define robust 12, 24 and 36-month goals.

   3.  Forecast


To max your budgets and ROI, we use our scientific Four Ways Model to set goals around these four key levers:

ATTRACT: Boost the volume of new customer visits

CONVERT: Uplift your new customer conversion rate

UPLIFT: Raise your average order value

RETAIN: Improve loyalty with more purchases per customer per year 

For a lead generation strategy, we’ll tweak this strategy to measure your crucial metrics.

4. Timeline


We drill down to an incredible level of detail, using your own data to break the digital marketing strategy into realistic monthly targets. It’s never one-size-fits-all; each target is tailored for each channel and then adjusted for seasonality so it’s accurate.

5. Achieve


Your dedicated toinfinity consultant will work together with our channel experts and your in-house team to achieve every monthly target. Month by month and channel by channel, everyone will have full visibility into what’s working, what’s not and where they can improve.

6. Evaluate


Your consultant will review your performance on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis to find opportunities to tweak the strategy and improve results. Every month you’ll see a full report on visits, conversion rates, average order values and channel performance. We’ll flag up areas for improvement, make proactive suggestions and highlight urgent actions.  

7. Fine Tune


Actually, we’re always looking for ways to improve results and we’re always challenging you to do the same. Everything can always be improved.

We work hard to share our knowledge, educating you and your team; keeping you on the front foot and giving you the edge on your competition. Along with the Four Ways Model, it’s this approach that sets us apart and ensures we make every penny of your budget perform for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how your online marketing plan might work, please give us a call on 01793 238697.

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