Smaller, smarter steps lead to giant revenue leaps


Welcome to Four Ways. 

Unique to toinfinity and bespoke to you, the Four Ways model is a breath of fresh air for senior marketers, e-commerce consultants and business owners. It gives you total visibility into your online marketing from budgets and forecasts, to what’s working and what’s not. It will unlock your long-term profit potential and deliver an average of 600% ROI.

This is how it works: 


First, we agree a three-year vision for growth.

Then, we architect the digital marketing strategy around these four key levers in order to deliver it:

ATTRACT: Boost the volume of new customer visits

CONVERT: Uplift your new customer conversion rate

UPLIFT: Raise your average order value

RETAIN: Improve loyalty with more purchases per customer per year

And if you’re in the business of lead generation? We’ll create a bespoke model that reflects your specific key metrics.

The next step is to use your data to break the digital marketing strategy into realistic monthly targets, tailored for each channel and adjusted for seasonality.

Getting granular about year-on-year growth


Every business is different, so it’s never, ever one size fits all but with 23-years e-commerce experience behind its development, it’s a model that delivers impressive quick wins for everyone. The most important part is that you’re growing the business for the long term as well as making the quick wins.

Obviously, it assumes you’ll deliver on your end but it also means you can see we’re doing everything in our power to help you succeed, and if anything’s not working? It’s so nimble and flexible, we will adapt it on the fly.

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