Shannon Kovacs - Social Media Manager


After living in London for three years working for the likes of Cosmopolitan, Red Online,, Essentials Magazine and LivingSocial UK, Shannon came back to the countryside and is now our Social Media Manager - working across our broad range of clients.

Aside from loving all things social media, Shannon’s favourite things include travelling (California is her favourite place in the world!), music, films, festivals and being a major exercise junkie.


What is your favourite movie?
Thats a toughie, as I LOVE films! If I had to pick just one, The Dark Knight. Batman is my favourite superhero!

What was your favourite childhood game?
I was a bossy child and led the pack haha! Games would include making things up using my wild imagination. Fairies was a particular favourite of mine. Don’t judge.

What is your favourite tipple?
Vodka, lime & soda. OR Prosecco.

Vodka, lime & soda. OR Prosecco. What is your favourite saying/quote?
Anything Dwight Schrute says from The US Office. The character is a genius and hilarious!

What would you do if money was no object?
Travel the world and go to a lot of amazing places.