Lol Lowe - Lead Paid Search Consultant


Lol is a highly experienced individual, having worked across all areas of digital marketing in the past 10 years, she has chosen to specialise in search marketing, in particular paid search.

Lol is Google Adwords certified, and is responsible for managing Toinfinity’s Google partnership status, attending partnership events, keeping the paid search team (and clients) up to date with the latest functionality and best practice. She also works closely with our Google Account Strategist to ensure every paid search client is receiving the best possible service.

With experience across all digital marketing channels, Lol has a great understanding of how each one integrates and how changes in one channel can impact others. With paid search results being so immediate, it is often the first place to identify issues with landing pages, or changes in the checkout, merchandising etc.


In a zombie apocalypse what would be your weapon of choice?

What is your favourite party food?
Garlic stuffed olives

What is your porn star name (first pet + surname)
Suki Marsh

What is your favourite movie?
Starwars (no contest!)

What is your guilty pleasure?
Salad cream sandwiches

Connecting with Lol

 Click the icons below to connect with Lol or call her in the office on 01793 238697.