James Foote - Lead SEO Consultant


James has worked in the business marketing industry for over 10 years working with a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout the UK and overseas. For over the past 6 years James has been focused on developing digital marketing strategies, working as a consultant for a number of clients in developing their online visibility through key online processes.

Throughout his career he has worked in the marketing department with multi-national companies such as Pioneer Electronics, Hewlett Packard and was also Head of Marketing at an international property development company. James has also worked as a digital marketing consultant for a number of key UK retail brands, start-ups and large higher/further education facilities.

Working within these wide range of businesses has given him a broad sector experience working at the client side and more consultancy focused digital marketing strategy planning.

Being part of the team at toinfinity, James is working with a wide range of clients developing their SEO strategy to ensure they achieve the visibility and traffic generation they require to drive their business forward.

What is your proudest moment?
Starting work at toinfinity

What is your favourite movie?

What is your favorite saying/quote?
That's how I roll

Do you have a party trick?
Singing (no contest!)

What was your favourite childhood game?

Connecting with James

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