Why Would Google Kill its Cash Cow?

December 1, 2011


There has been a lot of chatter online about googles latest announcement that it intends to remove all right hand Adwords advertising, placing ads in the top three positions above the natural search results and the bottom three positions below the search results. Regular users of smart phones and tablet technologies will already have experienced this for some time.

The main concerns of chatterers are that: 1. The bottom three positions will not be seen by searchers 2. Only those with big budgets will be able to compete in the Adwords auction for top positioning Some companies are ringing the death knell for google Adwords but are they jumping the gun? Google is first and foremost a business and as such its aim is to make money, so why would they look to kill its biggest cash cow? Google is also ploughing a lot of investment into support for adwords agencies including training seminars both online and at their London offices as well as telephone and tech support. As a company they are continually innovative and will have tested these changes to the nth degree before rolling them out but equally, if the changes prove to be having a negative impact, there is no doubt it will be quickly rectified. We think that the changes will be positive as there will be a bigger emphasis on advertisers creating more compelling ads which are much more targeted (with much smaller groups of keywords – something which was actively encouraged at a recent google seminar) to give users a better experience. This will make agencies work harder and will hopefully see the end of those so called experts that set up campaigns for clients, charge a high monthly fee and never update or manage the campaign as there is no chance that these campaigns will compete with correctly managed campaigns. Adwords customers should also look at connecting their google local and product feedsto their adwords account as google is pushing more visually enticing advertising – by this, we don’t mean banner advertising, but methods of showing products or location maps or even specific site links within ads that are more helpful to the user and as an advertiser allow you to offer several “touch points” within a single ad. If your adwords campaign isn’t working for you, why not give us a call and we’ll take a look.





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