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October 27, 2010

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It is amazing to thing that still in the late part of 2010, many companies throughout the world today are operating their business with no website. Yes you did hear me right!They either think that they don’t have the money to do it, it’s too hard to get something up or they just don’t understand the need for one. They probably wont even see this post. If you know a business that is operating without a website, please print and post this to them - it is important to let them read this. When the internet keeps moving forward and advancing, your business needs to advance as well - you need to not be seen to be standing still! If companies do not own or operate an online business as well as a physical business, they will lose out on sales and additional profits. There is no doubt about it. There are so many valid reasons why owning and operating a website is important. Don't think that social media gives you all the answers. Some people recently have asked the question over just having a Facebook page or hosted blog. Look at what happened to many businesses when Geocities went down the pan... they lost their online presence. Having your own site keeps you in control. Reaching your target market in your own area is one thing, but having a website allows you to reach your target market world wide. If you can sell your product or service to anyone, anywhere, why limit it to just your physical location? Many individuals and companies have become, and are becoming, computer and internet savvy. This means to stay ahead of your competition, you need to have a website that is not only informative but functional, professional and potentially sells direct. If marketed properly with good search engine optimisation, social media, email marketing, pay per click, your website will start to generate sales, lead and contacts as a ‘Silent salesman’ without you having to do the face to face business development or pick up the phone. If you own a business and it is not online with it's own website, this is really a huge factor that needs to be considered. Not only will owning a website help your current clients, with items such as your office hours, prices or services available, it will allow your online audience to see what great products and services you offer, and possibly inspire them into action! The action of buying from you.
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