Website SEO Reviews… worth paying for?

February 15, 2011

From time to time I bump into the odd search engine optimisation company that is offering FREE Website SEO Reviews for clients and potential new customers.
What do you get for a FREE SEO review from an SEO Company?
In life we are told that nothing is for free. Is this just a ploy for them to be able to offer you a proposal for doing some site SEO for you?
Do they just throw your website through a free online tool and send you the results in a branded PDF, or do they actually sit down and go through your site page by page and give you some real direction on what you can do to improve your website's performance in the search engines?
Fight on top of the right foundations
Getting a website to the top of Google can be a bit of a fight and you need to make sure that before embarking on any kind of link building campaign or social media marketing, that the foundations are in right for your website.By this we mean taking a good look at the structure of the code behind your site, the content on it, the titles and other parts of your pages, navigation and media that you use on it.Once you have a solid site, that is search engine optimised, you can go running into ongoing SEO work. Forget to get your site sorted before you start any SEO work and it could well be a waste of time doing.
So do we offer a free Website SEO Review?
Here at toinfinity we offer a chargeable Website SEO Review service that is not an automated report generated from an online tool, but a report from our expert SEO specialists.
We take a good look at your site with human eyes - the way that it is coded and built, the content within it and how it can be improved. When acting on the advice we give, you will get:
• Greater targeted traffic to your site
• More sales or leads responding to you
• Improved visibility in the search engines
For more information on this or to chat to us about optimisation of your website - visit our Website SEO Review page of our site or call us on 01793 238697
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