Uplift in Traffic from Yahoo as MSN/Yahoo Search Alliance Reaches a Conclusion

April 3, 2012

We are seeing an increase in orders from Yahoo recently for many clients as the MSN/Yahoo Alliance rolls out across the UK. This is earlier than originally expected, as the official announcement touted the end of April 2012 as a completion date. What is the MSN/Yahoo Search Alliance? In a nutshell, Bings’ search engine is now powering Yahoo results for both natural and sponsored listings. Any pay per click advertising you were running on yahoo needs to be transferred to an Microsoft Adcenter account (Yahoo supply a transition tool to do this.) What Impact Will the Alliance Have? It’s thought that the impact in the UK will be very small, as it is only 7% of the search market compared to a 30% share in the US. It’s mostly Yahoo PPC advertisers that will notice a difference with the loss of under 5p keywords. Hopefully the benefits, which some of our clients are already experiencing, will continue and grow over the coming months.





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