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April 16, 2010

Am I letting the cat out the bag here... will I annoy people with this post... probably, but at the end of the day, why? This info is public info, published by Twitter themselves and is aiming to help businesses engage with Twitter for FREE. I'm here to do the same.  
I will make many sweeping statements here, but take as you wish and know that this is not aimed at any person specifically.
Before you look at paying for your first, or next Twitter coaching session, check this out here: - there are some great guys and girls out there who will help you in taking Twitter for Business to the next level, but the good ones are surrounded by amateurs who have jumped on the bandwagon recently and really need to take a step back and build some credibility first.
Be careful and look do some homework on the people that are offering you the training. Here are three tips to think about how to judge if someone is qualified to train you and if you should part with your money or not.
1 - Do some background checks.
Visit and punch in their username in the top. You will then see some information displayed about this person.
Followers. This tells you how many people are listening, how many people that had added to their list yesterday and how many on average they have following them for the first time each day.
Predictions. Interesting to see, but nit that relevant as one slip up or mistake could cost them their reputation online.
When they joined Twitter - This is important. The longer they have been in the network the more experience they have and the more credible their training should be. Being able to deliver training on Twitter is about experience. I would also suggest that if they have been on for a while and only have a few followers... how good are they really?
Ranking. This is really how many followers they have and where in the world they are ranked.
2 - Look at their twitter stream
By this I mean what are they saying on Twitter? Are they publishing loads of pre loaded content from an 'API' (A programme that regularly spits out tweets at random or auto-pilot). Normally this may include many repeats of the same tweet, just adding to the noise that already exists on Twitter. Also they need to be engaging with people, re-tweeting content and referencing back to the original person and having the odd chat every now and again. If they are just publishing content... is this good enough?
3 - Do they command respect?
Take a look at the Twitter search ( and typing their username in the field that is labelled "Referencing this person" will show you who is re-tweeting their content and talking back to them. If people are, then they find it useful and maybe they do command the respect due their calling as a Twitter trainer.
All in all these three tips above, combined, will give you an idea of whether a person is a credible Twitter expert or not - but nothing beats building a relationship with them first. Get to know them, follow them for a while then take them up on their services if you think it is worth it.
If you're new to Twitter for Business, Twitter is a simply another communication tool that enables businesses stay connected to their customers, but also to their prospects, advocates and colleagues. But in reality is probably the best one that business could have!
You are able to use it share information very quickly with people who may be interested in the things that you say and your organisation. You can also gorge on real-time 'market intelligence' and customer experience or feedback.
The other great way that Twitter and Business work well together in how it helps build relationships with people who listen to what you say, how you interact and where you stand on particular subjects.
If you're new to Twitter for Business and would like some free tips and advice - take a look at and see what the guys at Twitter say about it themselves - The other thing that you can do is follow @toinfinity on Twitter and ask when ever you want by messaging us online.
I'm here to help. Hope you found this post useful.





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