Top 10 SEO Tips from SMX London 2010

May 18, 2010

I’m back from a fantastic SMX London 2010, and have loads of tips to share (and a few really hot tips I won’t be sharing, but can’t wait to start applying to client accounts!)

1. Higher up onpage links pass more link juice than links further down the page

2. Twitter is influencing SERPS (wasn’t prior to Oct 2009)

3. Facebook isn’t currently influencing google SERPS

4. Top keywords should be first in your title tag (put your brand at the end)

5. H1 tags are dead (for SEO anyway – still good practice to use them for design)

6. Long live the Alt tag – adding keywords here has more weight than H1 Tags

7. Keyword Density – no longer helpful. While it makes sense to include your keywords on a page, don’t worry about density

8. 301 redirects are no longer useful for passing link juice

9. Page load influences ranking – get rid of the junk

10. KEI is not that effective in keyword research – use intitle search instead when assessing the competition





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