The Social Media Guys Ride Again!

March 9, 2011

Wednesday the 16th of March will see Ant Hodges, Business Development Director and toinfinity'svery own Social Media Nut, presenting at the Andover Business Expo, with fellow Social Media Guys Nigel Morgan and Graham Jones. A short while ago Ant, Nigel and Graham met for coffee in a pub in Hungerford to chat about the current state of social media. This expanded and grew into a drop in session with many people coming along and joining in the conversation, ask questions and get insight into how social media could help business.

Now the trio are in high demand, speaking at events up and down the Thames Valley and beyond, and work together under the guise of The Social Media Guys - a formidable force when it comes to Social Media.The breakfast seminar on Wednesday the 16th March 2011, at the Andover Business Expo, will help aim your business objectives for social media in the right direction for greater success. It will give you an insight on how to make the best use of social media marketing both now and in the future. As a special bonus for anyone that books into The Social Media Guys breakfast seminar, TWA Events have promised free tickets to Futrologist Ray Hammond's keynote presentation on the day.
For more information and to book in, visit the Andover Business Expo site at
See you there!
Advanced Notice: In June of this year, The Social Media Guys will be delivering workshops and speaking the Social media Conference in Bracknell. Click here for more information.





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