The Social Media Guys - First Date Announced

May 27, 2010

They say that collaboration will be the strongest thing to bring businesses back to full strength following the recession.
After dancing around it for a little while, Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR, Internet Psychologist Graham Jones and my good self, Ant Hodges of toinfinity, are tag teaming it as a triple threat to form a new offering to businesses in the UK - The Social Media Guys.
With our different experiences and ways of working in social media, we offer a combined wealth of experience in Social Media Marketing and now feel that joining forces in this way will give YOU more value.
We have a launch event on the 8th June 2010 at the Bear Hotel in Hungerford (UK) which you can book in for FREE by following this link - click here for full details.
Come along and chat with us and hear the plans for our future together - it's gonna be great!





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