Swindon Tweetup

November 3, 2010

Swindon Tweetup

So last night was the first Swindon Tweetup. I aimed to take a snap of everyone that attended but I got busy chatting! Any photographer that would like to come along and snap away at each tweetup would be more than welcome. With the mixture of Spurs playing in the champions league last night and Swindon playing at home... the football took out at least 6 people that were supposed to join us last night... and the trains didn't help another! But in saying that it was great to see, and meet everyone for the first time... face to face... even though some of us have been chatting on Twitter for ages! Attendees from last night: @dreambasestudio, @EleanorCollins, @GrahamMack, @Keiron, @TiggerSwindon and @timalmond - Plus me of course (@anthodges). Graham was kind enough to bring a recording microphone along (I so want one of those) and Wiltshire Sound may well be hearing all about the Swindon Tweetup today. As a first event goes, with promo on Twitter only, I thought last night was great. Thanks guys for coming along. The next event is the 7th December 2010 at the Swindon Marriott Hotel. Entry is FREE and all you need do is come along, buy a drink and chat... that's it! Plus as it is Christmas... wear a festive hat if you are coming along.

Book in now at www.swindontweetup.com - Follow @swindontweetup or the hashtag #swintweetup





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