Spindex - the new social aggregator from Microsoft

May 5, 2010


We have already seen the likes of the search giant Google, attempt their version of Twitter with Google Buzz and try to gain traction in the social media market, but who buzz's now? Are we now seeing a player with money to throw at something to cut right across the smaller players in the market and compete to a degree with the likes of Tweetdeck and Hootsuite? Spindex is Microsoft's new and latest tool from their Future Social Experiences Labs team (FUSE). It essentially is a social media aggregator, bring together the information that you want in to one place... urmmm... Yep I have this already too. Calling it the "...impossible project..." themselves why are they even bothering? The same question could have been asked about Bing (the massive failing here in my opinion is the name... But It's Not Google). Yes, Spindex will be including the ability to display RSS in a pretty way, the bookmarking service from Evernote and also the Bing search... but I'm hesitant saying that this is going to be the next best thing for managing social media engagement for a personal or business point of view. My RSS is displayed in my email client and everything else is sorted. I think my main criticism for Spindex is really about the way that they are presenting this. It comes from FUSE... the first letter meaning future. They link it to becoming "a personal Rolodex." Really there is nothing new here and they are living in the present, if not a world that needed this 12 months ago and longer with the association of the 1954 invention that is the Rolodex. The project is in closed Beta at present so we can't sneak in a look at it... but seeing the news from Caroline McCarthy yesterday... I remain a sceptic... but will be open to taking a look and giving it an objective look when they open the Beta or launch the product in its final version.





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