Weekly Social News Round Up

July 12, 2016

Sat at your desk scrolling through your emails and contemplating the sorry British weather? Well at toinfinity we’re here to make your day a tad brighter with our social news round-up of all the best stories from the past week. 
From Snapchat’s impressive growing audience of over 35+ to Pinterest’s advertising ventures coming to the UK – we explore how these latest developments could work for your brand. 

Twitter rolls out Responsive Listing

Emphasising the importance of customer service, Twitter has rolled out ‘responsive listing’, which allows users to see when a business is most active on the platform. This is incredibly useful for brands which see a high-volume of customer queries, as it takes the pressure off if customers can see a particular time of the day they are likely going to receive a response.


Image source: Social Media Today

Facebook Messenger welcomes account-switching

Do you use Facebook Messenger as a means of communicating with customers? Fed up of constantly logging out of your personal account to your business account to answer queries? Well Messenger has taken out the hassle with an account-switching function – hurrah! 

Instagram introduces comment moderation

If your brand has recently transitioned to an Instagram business account (and you should!), you’ll be pleased to know Instagram has made it easy to block spam comments on photos with their comment moderation tool. Users can block words or phrases that are deemed offensive, which means the control is in your hands! 


Image source: Social Media Today

Snapchat reports increase across age users

It’s no secret that Snapchat is a channel majorly on the rise with millennials, but now that age bracket has been extended, as they have reported a 38% increase in older millennial users (25-34) and a 14% increase with 35+ users. The data collected by comScore Mobile Metrix makes for an impressive rise, as three years ago Snapchat was being used by 5% if 25-34 year olds and 2% of 35+. With those figures, it’s only set to increase in the next couple of years, and it’s definitely worth considering how you can incorporate Snapchat into your social strategy so you can capitalise on their soaring growth!

Pinterest reveals new advertising options 

Pinterest is often not seen as a major social channel for advertising due to the likes of Facebook dominating the social ad space. However, they’ve recently revealed some interesting new advertising formats hot off the back of their ‘promoted pins’ – ‘Cinematic Pins’ (video ads) and ‘Promoted Boards’, which all aim to tell a story and make use of Pinterest’s visual element. These features aren’t available in the UK at the moment, but with Pinterest reporting that promoted pins has driven five times more incremental sales than the industry benchmark, this is a platform with huge potential for ROI. 

Have a great week, folks! Let us know if you’re going to be testing out any of these features! 


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