What we learnt from the E-Consultancy Social Quarterly Webinar

November 15, 2016

On Wednesday 9th November, we tuned into E-Consultancy’s latest webinar, the Social Quarterly Webinar with host Joanna Halton from My Clever Agency. We were intrigued to hear about any current social media findings, that may have escaped our ears. 

First things first, let’s address the current social landscape. In terms of monthly active users, currently Facebook has 1.79 billion, Twitter 320 million, Instagram 500 million, Pinterest 100 million, and Snapchat 150 million. 

It’s safe to say there’s A LOT of people using social media to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues, and Jess delved into each platform to further distinguish recent changes.

Thanks to the heavy influx of status updates, sharing content, and image uploads, it’s been reported that the average user could see 1500 posts in their newsfeed daily. However, thanks to Facebook’s algorithm, that number decreases down to 300 on average. 

Something that Facebook has been testing is ‘secret conversations’, which offers a ‘self-destructing’ messaging option, should you wish to permanently remove the conversation from your inbox. This feeds into the ‘dark social’ trend which is on the rise, thanks to users sharing content outside a public domain. 

Something Jess was keen to reiterate is the fact that tweets with media get 15% - 27% more engagement than text tweets. That’s a considerable difference, and important for businesses to know if they’re trying to build their following on the platform. 

90% of Twitter users watch video, and this is a clear indicator on how users are digesting content. Tweets with video get 6x more retweets than photo tweets, so make sure video is included in your social strategy for Twitter. 

Finally, 80% of users’ access Twitter via their mobile, which isn’t a surprise considering we are glued to our handsets. But it’s worth bearing in mind that all content should be mobile-optimised. 

If you think the majority of Instagram users are based in the US, think again. 75% of users are actually based outside of the States, with Sweden the biggest user of both Instagram and Snapchat in Europe. This is a key takeaway if you’re targeting a European market, as you’ll want to be making sure the Swedish market is included based on this information. 

The current weighting of Pinterest users in terms of gender is one to keep an eye on, as it sits at 60% women and 40% men. Users are in a mode of discovery, and are actively searching for products with the intent of purchase, so make sure your boards are up-to-date and pin titles are keyword-rich for search purposes. 

If you have a large advertising budget for social, then I would strongly recommend looking into Snapchat ads, as they have recently rolled out behavioural targeting, which allows you to target users based on their behaviour on the app. It’s a great way to get your products in front of a highly-engaged, young audience who express an active interest in what you sell. 

This is a platform worth noting for future development, and an exciting one at that! Whatsapp is allowing businesses onto the platform at the end of the year, and some have already been given an early preview. Whilst you may not think a messaging platform has a high-value in terms of social sharing, just remember Whatsapp have 1 billion users and it’s owned by Facebook, which means the targeting options will be endless. 


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