Social Media Planning Is Key. Have You Got A Plan?

April 26, 2010

Planning your Social Media activity before you jump in is crucial to it's success. The old adage of 'Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail' also applies to Social Media even though this phrase has been around longer than the king of online marketing tools has.
The biggest reason you need put time into the planning, rather than just jumping in and hoping that the water is warm, is that you don't want the investment of your time to be wasted!
As Social Media Consultants for many of our clients, we can help you put shape to this plan.
Normally the time that we would spend with a typical client would be 2 hours. Following this face to face meeting, not a bunch of online videos, we would normally spend time pulling together information from the meeting to present back to the client (on email) a Social Media Roadmap as a guiding plan, tailored specifically to your business, for entering and executing Social Media activity.
Normally this work is chargeable at £199 +VAT - We thought that more people should be able to take advantage of this service - so for a limited time only we are reducing the cost to just £99+VAT.
This Two Hour, Face to Face, One to One Session with The Social Media Guy that is Me (Ant Hodges, Business Development Director here at toinfinity), will show you the best ways that you can Roadmap your journey through social media from where you are today towards the right aims and goals to define your SUCCESS.
If you want to learn how to get more targeted followers, provide content of value, engage and be seen to be human (not a robot just spitting our automated tweets) - book your Roadmapping session with us today by visiting - remember time is limited so grab it while it's still available at this rock-bottom price.





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