Social Media Marketing - Hot topic?

October 15, 2010

Some people argue that the whole social media thing is a fad, flash-in-the pan or craze that will fade out and become the Tamagotchi of the business marketing world. I heard recently a web design agency saying that they don’t build social media into websites for this very reason… it wont be around that long.   Do you think you can run your business and not get involved in this social media fad?   Consider the following stats - and by showing you these they will already be out of date as soon as you read them as all stats are, but it gives you a flavour. (Source:   Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter received more than 170million unique visitors (collectively) in the month of August 2010.   As it stands, Google and Yahoo are the only websites that receive more daily traffic than Facebook. With the AOL thing going on with Yahoo and the current trends in the social media ether, I suggest that it may not be that way for much longer. See the graph below:  

Social Media Stats

According to, the number of blogs indexed by Technorati reached 133 million in 2009. These stats also suggest that an average of 900,000 blog posts are written and published in a single 24-hour period. (Source)   In May 2010, Glenn Chapman reported that YouTube was delivering up to two billion videos daily to its visitors. In the same report he goes on to say that an average of 24hours worth of video is uploaded each minute! (Source )   With these stats showing this kind of usage online… can you afford not to use social media in your business.   For more information about social media marketing and social media services, give us a call on 01793 238697 or visit the page on our website  





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