Social Media Engagement for Retailers

April 21, 2011


When you think about it, social media is one of those new fad 'things' that seems to have swept through the business world at a rate of knots and it keeps building momentum.

Working with retailers and ecommerce businesses, we recognise the need for these consumer focused organisations to be engaging with people in social media… and that is the trick that many need to learn… how to engage. A report from the customer experience specialist Right Now showed that, of those surveyed, 46% of customers join or like a retailers Facebook page to engage with post-sale activity. It was only a mere 4% of people that actually received updates and notifications of this sort. This is one of the main reasons that many online retailers are failing in social media. The engagement factor is just not there. It is also the reason why Foresee Results suggested that only 3% of website traffic to retail sites were influenced by social media. Success stories of companies such as Morph Suits, bringing in over £2m from Facebook traffic in 6 months, get washed away in the plethora of 'bad news' stories. If you are a retailer and someone joins your Facebook page, follows you on Twitter (or any other social network), the key thing is to engage. If you need help to understand how best to engage, then we can be of assistance. With over 30 years combined experience in working within online marketing for retailers, we have walked many customers through a strategic way of getting social media working for their businesses. We are best placed to give you this advice and training to help you achieve success not failure in social media - understanding the retail space and the online world. If you would like to speak to the team here at toinfinity about how we could help you, call 01793 238697 or visit our workshops and training page on Social Media. For information on the next workshop visit





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