Six Tips to Do Well in Local Search

September 5, 2013

While everyone is still reeling from the impact of Google Penguin and Panda updates and busy generating great content, and increasing their social media presence there’s some quick wins to be found in local search, and many of these you can implement quickly and effectively yourself. 1) Ensure you’ve claimed for search engine local listings.  You can find them here: Google+ Local (Was Google Places) – If you don’t already have a Google+ Local listing, you can add your business using this link Bing Local - UK Bing Local listings can be made here:  Bing Local listings is changing (similar to the Google Local platform), with a new version already rolled out in the US which will soon be available in the UK Yahoo Local Listings - UK Yahoo Local listings can be made here: 2) Optimise your listings. When you’ve claimed your local listings, make sure you optimise them including customised categories based on your goods or services, and include keywords within your business description 3) Ask your customers to leave you reviews.  Google+ local allows your customers to leave starred reviews and comments 4) Get listed in local directories.  Often there are sites specific to your locality with free listings, but there are also other sites such as: (the negative aspect to these listings is the initial increase in marketing calls as they try to get you to update your free listing to a paid one – there is no need to upgrade.) 5) Make use of microformats to provide search engines with information such as the location of the business.  These are bodies of code that wrap around information on a website.  This is then turned into a rich snippet of information, which can then appear within Google search results. More technical information on this can be found here 6) Optimise your social media platforms for local search eg.
  • Twitter: Include your location in the description
  • Facebook: You can specify a specific location on Facebook
  • Google+ Business: has the option to include location
Those are our six quick tips.  We'll shortly be releasing a free white paper which will go into more depth. If you would like to be informed when it is released or sign up to the latest online marketing news, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.





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