Creating Engaging Content Part Three

June 30, 2016

Welcome to the third part of our five-part series on creating engaging content for your small business, inj the last edition week we took a look at how to select and develop your ideas . If you’re new to the series every week toinfinity is realising a section of our essential guide t of the content creation process. This week we’re talking:

Headline Creation

The next stage is to create your headline, doing this in the right way can seem slightly counter-intuitive. Clickbait is a term used to describe a deliberately enticing headline that is solely created to encourage readers to click through. This is a slightly derogatory wording for what is actually satisfying what readers want to draw from headlines. Many people believe taking this approach actually contributes negatively to the articles reception, however as Wired recently said in a recent article:

 ‘The difference with clickbait is you’re often aware of this manipulation, and yet helpless to resist it.’

The purpose of a headline is to provoke curiosity in the reader. Increased Internet use has meant media consumption has doubled in the past few years, this means your article will be in a great amount of competition and despite the fact we can see clickbait a mile away, it is effective. Include the following types of language in your headline:

  • Common Words – Simple words that are easy to understand  
  • Uncommon Words – Words related to your content and its topic
  • Emotional – Highly emotive phrases (shocking, unbelievable etc)
  • Power – Forces the impact of the article (Fast, easy, more)

Experiment with the length of your headline and use the top online news aggregators (Buzzfeed, Huffington Post etc) to find the best format for your content. It’s estimated that 80% of potential readers of your article will only read the headline, this means it presents a huge opportunity to engage more readers. Don’t forget to check the format of the headline on your site as well, to ensure it doesn’t line break at a poor place or run off the screen altogether. Once you’ve decided on a headline use this tool to rate it and improve the wording (aim for a score of 75+).

This concludes part three of toinfinity’s series on creating engaging content; we hope you found this helpful. Next week we take a look at how to write your content for potential readers using a few simple techniques.


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