Creating Engaging Content - Part Five

September 27, 2016

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In the last blog we talked about how to write your content, you can catch up here. Our final piece of advice was to wait until today and find out the proper way to get your content out there. Uploading to your businesses’ blog may seem like the obvious choice, however even after your content is done you need to keep on top of who’s seeing that content in its first few days.

Seeing as this guide is called ‘Creating engaging content for your SME business’ we didn’t want to spend too much time talking about anything other than the process of developing an idea into a piece of content. Consider this an epilogue just to give you a few pointers in the correct direction once you’ve become a master of creating content.

Syndicating & Repurposing

Syndicating is a vital part to creating content and is often overlooked. As we said in the closing of part four, many businesses (not just SMEs) think that putting their content on their site and leaving it will somehow make an impact on your traffic.

To get people to read your article they first need to know it exists, start by gathering a list of influencers in your industry. These can be individuals with blogs or other organisations that accept guest posts, a handy search modifier to use is inurl:guest-post, add this to your Google search along with a keyword or phrase from your industry. Compile a list along with contact details.

Before we go any further we should probably give you a refresher on one of established rules of Google when they crawl any site. Google hates duplicate content with a passion, when you consider the purse of a Google search is to get a broad range of reliable answers and resources on one page you can probably see why they don’t appreciate people spreading their content around like for like. 
If you have written a guest post for a site and then want to repost that content on your site you’ll need to adjust aspects. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel but you want to avoid repeating multiple sentences that appear on other websites. Google’s crawl bots will easily pick up any articles that appear across multiple sites and this kind of infraction is one of the most common penalties to hit sites.

Use your social networks to your advantage, including LinkedIn if what you’ve written applies more directly to your industry. If you have business accounts on other Social Media sites then double promote your piece with personal accounts as well, obviously only do this if you’re producing regular content with intervals inbetween so you don’t end up spamming your followers’ feed.

One more thing to remember is that even if your content doesn’t do well initially it’s not the end of the world! There are many techniques you can use to get something out of an underperforming piece of content, one of our favourites is cutting and chopping the main points of a larger article in order to create smaller more digestible pieces. This piece is a great place to start if you need to begin repurposing content that could have done better.

That concludes toinfinity’s five part series, by now you should be an expert in creating engaging content! If you need to jump back to any particular section for reference all the previous instalments are available on our website.

Next Steps

Is your content still not hitting the mark you want it to? Are you still struggling to be seen as an authority in your industry? If you answered yes then feel free to get in touch with toinfinity today, email us or phone us on 01793 2386947 and we discuss these concerns with you. 


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