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November 17, 2010

A note from Business Development Director, Ant Hodges.  
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So here is my beef. Facebook pages.  I have not got a problem with Facebook pages on the whole; like any other form of social media marketing for business, a Facebook page is a tool to engage, build credibility and trust with people who may at some point buy from you. Quite simply a must for acquisition marketing for business as Facebook had almost 70% of the social media market according or in March 2010.  Facebook pages can also be ways of continuing too build relationships with customers who have bought from you. Even platforms for them to give testimonials and comments back to you about the services you have delivered. This is your retention marketing side of things.  My problem is this… How can consumers decipher the artificially inflated pages of businesses that have used a constant stream of plea's and begging almost to 'Like my page' or 'Please help. I need more likes to hit 25 and get my custom URL' ?  Why is this an issue? As consumers and business owners continue to look in Facebook for products and services, they are looking for pages with a good number of people that Like them and that provide them with the assurance and credibility that the product or service will give them value. The number of likes on a page is one way, if not the only way, that they will make this decision.  How ethical is it then to be asking for likes of your facebook page to people who have not bought or taken out your services? Is the like that then comes from this kind of a request a hollow like, hoping for a like back? Does this in reality mean nothing, but to those that are making a decision on the number of like, fooling them and lulling them in a false sense of credibility? 
Take a look at this one pictured here that appeared today. Simply begging to play the numbers game within a steam of tweets that is followed by many others that are doing the same thing. "Please like me" or "Like my page and I will Like yours" or worse still a request to connect on Linkedin came up yesterday… when in Linkedin it should be about connections that you know, like and trust, not an open forum like Twitter Linkedin's own rules!  I think these tactics of trying to artificially inflate your pages on Facebook should be avoided by any business. A link on your website, email or even an email to customer or supplier that has used your services would be fine I would suggest - but only ask the once. Don;t keep asking and begging for more and more.  It is this tactic of asking constantly for likes that gets me. It builds a false perception of your business that if asked about you have no defence for. Q. "How did you get so many customers like your page in such a short time?" - A. "They are my friends and colleagues not clients"
My advice:  Build your social media presence organically. Look for listeners and engagers not just numbers. This will create you a following of some use for your business (people who will buy), nit just a network of people who are doing it for the same reasons you are… to be seen as a big player when actually you're just starting your social media journey.  For ways to manage, build and maintain an ethical social media presence that will deliver real value for your business, speak to us at toinfinity (01793 238697 or visit  We help to see how you still need to be human in social media and can show you the proof that you can't give it to someone 100% (as many 'experts' would suggest) - together with effective ways to manage, measure and maintain a credible and worthwhile social media presence.





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