Top 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your PPC Budget

January 30, 2014

Trying to make your PPC budget work hard for you on the Google Search Network and give you the maximum return on investment can be quite a challenge, especially if you have a large number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords which you manually manage. Factor in seasonality trends and monthly budget changes into the mix and it can become quite a task.  

Here are my top 10 tips to help you plan and get the most out of your PPC budget:

  • When planning your PPC yearly budget,  review the past 12 months traffic to your website in Analytics. Identify the peaks & troughs (are they seasonal or due to promotions, sales etc, was there low stock, budget constraints etc.) Also try to understand the year on year monthly increase/decrease and apply the % difference. Using this information, in conjunction with your marketing plan, you're ready to plan out your next 12 months PPC budget.
  • If you are a new online advertiser with little or no historical website data, or are an existing advertiser who wants to expand their campaigns, the Google Keyword Planner - is a useful tool to get keyword ideas and traffic estimates. You can get a more detailed estimate by entering your own maximum cost per click or budget amount.
  • To help maximise your return on investment (ROI), use Google Analytics to review your campaigns, ad groups & individual keyword ROI and adjust budgets and bids in Adwords based on their performance. For lead generation advertisers review the goal conversions by campaign/ ad group/keyword and again adjust budgets and bids in Adwords accordingly.
  • Check if your campaigns are spending their full daily budget, and if not, here's a few ideas to consider -:
    • Move budget between campaigns (giving more to better performers)
    • Open up the targeting areas where possible
    • Check your Ad Scheduling & expand times/days if applicable
    Remember, your ROI is important, so keep a close eye on this when making major change
  • If your campaign budgets are running out early, here's some ideas -:
    • Review the locations that have a poor conversion rate and consider reducing your targeted area to the high converting locations
    • Pause expensive, underperforming keywords
    • Check conversion rates by device and reduce bids on mobile ads if they do not convert well.
  • Where campaigns have a good ROI, check the Search Lost Impression Share due to budget or rank by adding in these columns in Adwords. Where the percentage lost is quite high review the budgets and keyword positions.
  • Review the quality score of your keywords  - can they be put into more niche groups with better synergy between the ad copy and landing page?
  • Review your  broad match keywords - are they really performing for you or could they be replaced with phrase match and exact match keywords that are often be less expensive and are more targeted.
  • Review the cost per conversion for each ad group and if you identify an ad group which has a low cost per conversion but is restrained by the campaign budget, consider pulling this ad group out into its own individual campaign with a dedicated budget amount.
  • As the click through rate of your ads affect your keywords quality score, which in turn affects your cost per click and ad position, it is essential to keep your ads refreshed and engaging to your viewers. Trial A/B split testing of your ads to see which ones work best and pause the lower performing ads.





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