New Updates to Adwords for Video

March 17, 2014

If a picture can paint a thousand words can you imagine what a video could do! I think videos are a great way to show your audience what you have to offer, and I would recommend it if you are looking to increase brand awareness. While traditional display ads charge you for impressions, the default for Adwords for Video is set to Cost Per View (CPV) bidding which means that you will only pay when someone chooses to watch your video. Couple this with the ability to highly target your audience and it could be a very effective and cost efficient way to grow your brand name.

 Video Campaign Ads

From April 2014, Adwords for video are simplifying their ad formats and network targeting settings which will make it easier and quicker for you to manage and monitor your video campaigns. There will be more consistent performance reporting, richer search targeting options, network settings will change and ad formats will be simplified. If you currently have an Adwords for Video campaign, this will automatically be updated with the new features in May 2014.

Is Video Targeting Right for You?

  • Consider your demographic - do they actually watch video?
  • Do you have the resource to create high quality, engaging video? If it's not great, then don't do it!
  • Video click through rates are really low - you need to consider this when thinking about the timeliness and length of the campaign.





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