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October 15, 2015

How do you create great Adwords Ads?


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1. Understand your audience’s intention

Your potential buyer has a problem for which they’re looking for a solution. For example “Sell my car” – what the buyer’s real intention is for someone to buy his or her car:


The top advert does contain more 'stand out' features, but the title lets it down as it is a little ambiguous eg. The searcher might wonder if they have to list their car somewhere, is there effort involved etc.

The second ad is very clear “they’ll buy your car from you today” – so in terms of understanding user intention, the second advert is better.

2. Test creative copy

Don’t follow what everyone else is doing – make your ads stand out. Test more creative copy.


On the left, you'll see some average copy (there are 4 other competitors with very similar copy)

This ad for Cass Art, below, gained 30% higher click through rate than the more generic ad (similar to the competitor ones featured here) running at the same time. The title answered both “intent” and contained something different that no other competing ad contained “What will you create today?”


3. Make the most of screen real estate

Adwords provides you with lots of ways of grabbing more screen space in the form of ad extensions, so make sure you use them. Possible extensions include:

  1. Site links extensions (make sure you add the description text too) – these can give a better user experience by driving people deeper in to your site to specific pages.
  2. Social extensions (if you have a verified G+ account, your followers figures can show on ads)
  3. Call extensions (hint: more often than not, particularly for desktop ads, these do not generate large volumes of calls. What they do is give you an air of legitimacy, and more screen space)
  4. Call out extensions – these are usually your USP’s and mean you don’t have to use them in your ad text
  5. Review extensions – if you have third party authority reviews, add them.

4. Make it about them, not you!

Ads need to focus on the customer’s needs, and their end goal. They don’t really care if you’re an Award Winning Business, that’s about you, not them.

Neither of these ads is great, but the second one does at least acknowledge it’s about growing the customers business. The first ad is very egocentric and there is little about it that would make someone want to click on it.

5. Be Specific

You may have the biggest selection, the cheapest prices available online, but about being more specific i.e. How many? How much?

Compare these two ads for the search “buy a citroen c3” – both ads have similar titles, however the second ad mentions the number of models in stock in their "Call out" extension. The second ad also mentions "new" and "used" cars – as the original search did not specify new or used, this ad covers all bases.

The second advert also mentions prices and how much you can save compared with the generic “offers” on the first ad.

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