New Twitter website... bringing back an old faithful!

March 31, 2010

This morning I opened my Tweetdeck and entered the world of social media again, only to be asked a question that needed me to log into my twitter account on the web. To my amazement I see that Twitter have again updated their website.
The first thing I saw... the old faithful Scrolling Marquee - Ahhhh! Maybe this time it has been done with a little more style. This replaces the old style of displaying trending topics... but how does it rank them?
If you hover over the trending topics you get a nice little pop up giving a little more explanation...
The other interesting thing to note on the homepage is now they are displaying 'Top Tweets' - this is a list of favourites from the account @toptweets - would be ace to see some of your tweets up here!
Anyway... just a quick post today. Have fun in the social media world today!
Bye for now.





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