New Facebook Features to Look Out For

January 23, 2014

Facebook announced some changes on 21st January 2014 that could negatively impact marketers promoting brand pages online. From Facebooks own testing, they found that text updates when made by friends, had a positive impact on other Facebook users, causing more engagement and even resulting in users updating their own status more frequently.

Expect to see more friends status updates.

This is not the case with brand pages.  As you may already know, in the past, text updates on brand pages have far better reach than photos or links for example.  The engagement however, is much lower and as engagement is a key measure for Facebook, they have updated their algorithm to devalue brand text updates.

You'll be seeing less of these kinds of updates in the news feed.

As Marketers, What Should You Do? On the positive side, we may see better reach on other content types such as photos, movies etc. – the only way to know is to test and measure to see what works best for your brand and audience. Don’t focus too much on reach (it is frequently under reported by Facebook), focus on engagement. Ultimately, as with SEO, have goals for your content, think about the audience and create something they can engage with, and want to share.





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