Latest Google Adwords Updates You Need to Know About

June 20, 2013

Google have been busy on new features for Adwords and have been rolling out a number of changes and updates over the last 6 months. June seems to be the month of big changes and we thought a summary might help you understand the important ones how they will effect you. 1)   The deadline for “Enhanced Campaigns” is here.  Google released an optional update for all adwords campaigns earlier in the year which (if you are the main Google point of contact in your business) you would have received an email earlier in the year and in the past week as a reminder.

The main changes are:
  • Adgroup granularity – you can apply far more at an adgroup level which previously could only be applied at a campaign level.  The result is the ability to run a smaller number of campaigns.
  • More ad scheduling features – allowing you automatically switch different ad extensions on and off at different times and dates.
  • Mobile targeting is now part of the main campaign setup and not targeted separately.  You can bid up or down on mobile ads but not set a separate bid. You are still able to create separate mobile ads.
  • Better management of site links which can be applied at an adgroup level.
  • Reduction in the number of characters available in site links from 35 characters to 25 characters (although this has now been improved with another new update which allows you to add two lines of text below the site link) – see our blog post on this.
We have already updated all our clients’ accounts to enhanced campaigns. We did this in March, and all new campaigns created since then are automatically set as Enhanced campaigns. 2)   Google Product Listing Ads are changing to a pay per click format only, so you will no longer benefit from free clicks in the Google shopping results. All our clients that are running free Google product listings via the Google Merchant Centre have been informed and updated to the new paid format of Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs). It is essential that the product feed in the merchant center is kept up to date and to Google's specification in order to benefit from the paid PLA's. 3)   There is a new Image Extensions feature being released into beta testing which allows you to show images along side your ads – businesses that have particularly aspirational imagery to promote their brand could really benefit from this.

We have applied to be part of the beta test on behalf of all our clients and we are waiting to hear, over the coming months, if this will be applied to individual accounts.  If your account is accepted as part of the beta it is optional, so if you feel it is not right for your brand, you do not have to participate. To keep up with the latest Google Adwords updates as they happen, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook





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