It’s an Extreme Makeover : The toinfinity Edition

August 4, 2011

  You read it here first – we’ve just launched our revamped, all new and improved website.   After a very busy year helping clients improve their websites, and online marketing, we realised we had neglected our own. We also decided that our website really wasn’t doing what it should be doing i.e. telling potential customers what we do! We were being very coy; hiding our light under a bushel, so we decided it was about time we told the world about the great things we’ve achieved over the past few years including:  
  • 2000% Return on Investment on a luxury brands seasonal campaign
  • 400% Average ROI for Pay Per Click customers
  • A minimum 45% traffic increase within 6 months for SEO customers and over 350% ROI
  Most of all, we wanted to give customers something that other online marketing companies don’t offer – a guarantee... read more





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