Is your marketing working hard enough for you?

February 1, 2010

Every business needs to know that every piece of marketing activity is working as hard as it can for the ultimate aims of:
  • Bringing in more customers to browse through the virtual shop
  • Generating more interest through the search engines for you products or services
  • Increasing the quality, relevance and interest from subscribers and social network followers
Our online marketing audit and review services are aimed at organisations already operating in various digital and online marketing channel, yet somehow have either lost sight of how effective they are or have not really looked at how well they are working. Sometimes it is easy for an organisation to loose sight of the things that they are doing and their effectiveness because that is the way things have always been done. Just because someone suggested that you get on Twitter, start and email newsletter or put money into pay-per-click advertising, doesn’t mean that you should jump right in with both feet and crack on without giving it proper thought and outline a strategy in the same way that you should for all your other marketing activities. Toinfinity offers two services to businesses and organisations of any size to help them understand the need for a thought through strategic approach to digital marketing. Digital Review This consists of:
  • A high level overview review of your current digital engagement channels and activity
  • Review of a snapshot of your recent digital marketing analytics - from the previous year
  • Identify key areas of concern / improvement
  • Detail how we could perform a full audit
  • Present results
Our digital review would normally take a 1/2 day on site with reporting complete and a presentation made face to face or online to present findings. Full Digital Audit This is a much more in-depth look at your digital marketing activity and would include the provision of work projects to complete suggested improvements and actions within the audit. Firstly We take a close look at your approach to digital marketing, including what you understand from the activities you are involved. Following from this it is crucial to understand how it is that you are engaging with your customers, clients and other audiences attracted by your digital marketing activities. How your users and the people that interact with you digital marketing will give you an almost instant idea of how your efforts will either generate you a great return on investment, or not. Knowing, measuring and managing this response is crucial to understand how much more time and effort to put into these areas, or how much to strip away and even stop the activity in question. This all will form the basis of a report that will enable you to better engage with you target audiences, however the final step in this process is to understand and identify any issues with the alignment of your digital marketing strategy to your other more traditional marketing activities The full digital audit normally takes place over a period of 2-3 days, with reporting and presenting back. This is typically representative of an organisation with a couple of people involved in delivering their marketing, or indeed the use of an external agency. The cost of this audit depends entirely on your circumstances but from working with clients recently, an estimated budget of £2,500 +VAT should be allowed. For more information on these services please contact toinfinity on 01793 238697.





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