Hello Google Hummingbird - a New Algorithm is in Town

September 27, 2013

Google has just announced at a press conference that they have a brand new algorithm which launched a month ago! Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land was at the press conference and has posted the full details on his site. From what we understand at the moment:
  • It's call Hummingbird because it's "precise and fast"
  • It's a brand new "engine" but contains elements of the old updates such as penguin and panda
  • Google have said one of the biggest changes is how it returns results for "conversational location search" eg. Where's the closest place to buy dog food? (interestingly we've seen a boost in location based searches for some clients this month.)
  • Google have said that there's nothing for search marketers to be concerned about - we should still be focusing on creating well structured websites with good content
  • There has been no major outcry about drops in traffic, and it's thought that if you have lost traffic over the past month it's still a hangover from penguin and other algorithm tweaks
So, that's all we know so far, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date when we discover more...





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