Has Social Media Peaked?

April 14, 2010

Reading today from my monthly copy of Website Magazine that landed in my inbox, it seems a new phrase is doing the rounds:  SMO - Social Media Optimisation. This is the strategy of developing a process to establish quality relationships where high levels of trust and confidence are the ultimate aims. Arguably these should form the basis for all online marketing, whether it be email marketing, SEO, web development, PPC or twittering like a happy chirpy little bird in the sun. The biggest thing that stood out to me though in my reading was some stats recently made available from Compete.com. These stats ask the question "Has Social Media Peaked?" The Internet's current hottest trend, social media platforms, are providing a great area to achieve the aims of a businesses SMO strategy, but these stats show that all the major players lost unique visitors between January and February 2010.

  • Facebook : -4.32%
  • MySpace: -11.5%
  • Twitter: -9.63%
  • LinkedIn: -8.3%
Without looking at the stats in great detail from each of these sites, stats that are just not available, we can't see where these people are going, or if they are now just focussing on one platform to work on their SMO strategy. At the end of it all, the number of active users on these platforms are so huge, this can't be called a failure - but what is the future holding for them? Be interesting to see what happens in future months.





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