Google to stop showing as many results from a single domain

May 19, 2013

Matt Cutts has confirmed on a recent webmaster video that we will stop seeing as many results from a single domain on Google search pages.

Previously, it has been common to see several results on a page from a single domain eg. you search a particular clothing brand and one domain dominates the top six or seven results. In order to improve the users experience and create more diversity, Google will bring in a new change so that you are less likely to as many results from the same domain. This not only affects page one, but subsequent results pages. This updating of domain clustering is not a new thing, however Matt has said that this change is in response to complaints to his team about the diversity of results returned from Google searches. The result of this change will ensure no single brand domain can dominate the search results, while other sites promoting the same products should benefit from increased visibility.





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