Google Retires Product Extension Ads

May 14, 2013

Google has just announced that with the success of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) it will be retiring product listing extensions at the end of May 2013. What does this mean for your adwords campaigns? Taking some basic product data from your Google shopping feed, the product listing extensions showed basic product information such as product name and price directly below your adwords copy. With the introduction of the PLA campaigns, advertisers are seeing much better click through rates and conversions on the dedicated PLA campaigns than from product extensions. This is certainly true for our own clients, who see significantly better conversions from site links than product extensions which compete to occupy the same screen space, whereas the PLA's can appear at the same time as a text ad with extensions. What do I need to do now? If you are currently using product extensions on your campaign, you can switch these off (we recommend switching to site links if you are not using these already) or they will be automatically switched off by Google towards the end of May. If you sell products online and are not already making use of Product Listing Ads, considering setting up a new separate campaign linked to your Google shopping feed. If you need advice on how to do this, contact one of the team at toinfinity.





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