Google Analytics Paid Version Has Arrived

September 30, 2011

Rumours have been flying around for some months now that Google would soon be making its Google Analytics package chargeable. That day has come, but under the guise of “Google Analytics Premium”, a bells and whistles version of the analytics package that we are all familiar with. So What Are You Getting for Your Money At the time of publishing this blog, we’re waiting to speak with Google to take a look for ourselves, but in the meantime we have been told you can expect:
  • Lifted data limits to allow you to track deeper and further back
  • Download high data volumes and analyze all of your data.
  • Perform attribution modelling on your marketing campaigns to understand the full value of all the channels in your media mix.
  • With 50 custom variables, you can customize your analytics and collect the unique site usage data you want.
  • Data collection of 99.9% in any calendar month.
  • Data processed in 4 hrs 98% of the time
  • Reporting of 99% in any calendar month.
  • You own all of your data
  • Dedicated account manager for daily support and training.
  • 24/7 Tech Support
How Much Will it Cost? At this stage we don’t know, we’ve seen rumours of $150k per year which in comparison to other major paid analytics solutions seems pretty steep – we’ll update this when we know for sure. With Google stating that they have developed the tool in close coordination with some of its largest clients including Gucci, Travelocity and TransUnion it is obviously a solution built to compete with the likes of Coremetrics and Omniture.





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