Google Adwords Retires Position Preference

April 7, 2011

Google Adwords

An email from Google arrived this morning announcing the retirement of the position preference tool due to “low adoption” of the feature. The email also pointed you in the direction of a recent blog post “Understanding the Average Position Metric” which explains how ads are positioned on the SERP (search engine results page) and how that position changes over the period of the day . The interesting point that they make, is that they found that conversion rates don’t vary much with the position of the ad on the page. From our own testing with different client accounts, we find that with certain keywords, position 1-3 is not necessarily the best return on investment, and have used the positioning tool to optimise this at position 4 with fantastic results. It is fortunate, that there are alternatives to this feature, and over the course of the month (before position preference is retired in May) we will be adding automated rules to our campaigns to ensure we are optimising the opportunities for our clients.





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